Shifting Sands is a 4X game where you manage a single city sprawling across the sands of a desert that changes shape when you don't keep your eyes (or city) on it. It's mostly a prototype to test this mechanic at this time, so there's no goal yet, and very few repercussions for a failing economy.

Alt-F4 to quit; No in-game quit button implemented yet.

The game can be played with only the mouse, and most of the controls are described in-game. Actions consist primarily of left-clicking on units, buildings, buttons and right-clicking to order units to move or placing buildings. Instructions are given at the top and can be toggled on and off.

Information not described well in-game: 

  • Stone, Wood, and Tech resources do not stockpile and are automatically spent each turn. Tech is unused at this time.
  • Stone and Wood are both used to construct buildings by assigning them to buildings under construction. Use the "Assign Wood/Stone" buttons in the bottom right, when they're not assigned they'll automatically be assigned to a newly placed building.
  • Most buildings require both Stone and Wood to be built, but Wood can be used instead of Stone, whereas Stone cannot be used instead of Wood.
  • The Water icon with an outline are considered water sources, and water sources cause water to be harvested on adjacent tiles (equal to the water source minus one).
  • Units cannot move onto mountains or water tiles, although buildings can be placed on these tiles, including roads.

Please feel free to leave any feedback, but any feedback regarding the exploration being reset is most sought after.


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