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Fragments of Earth is a "failed" game intended for the 7 day roguelike challenge; note: The game is not much of a roguelike yet as the only roguelike element it currently has is random content, but is still lacking a win or lose condition and as such doesn't really have the permadeath it was intended to have. The initial description for the game follows:

Fragments of a shattered planet float on the wind. Pick an island and guide it through the treacherous skies gathering resources, creatures and powers to craft the perfect paradise. When it inevitably succumbs to the greater forces of nature, pick a new island and forge a new path through the skies.

At this point, the game is about floating around with your island full of plants and creatures, and trying to craft an ecosystem on your world by skimming past other islands to allow their plants and creatures to mingle with yours.

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